The Tops

I'm happy to note that my most popular posts are some of my favorite reflections on personal growth. 

"Even though I what I want most out every situation is honesty, I wonder: is being blissfully unaware of the truth the better option? Because the truth fucking hurts some times."
"So, I have this friend, a really great one. I haven't known him for as long as some other buddies, but he's actually one of the best that I have. Let me explain to you why:"
"... long story short: my endearing habit of giving some one I love everything I have kicked in, and he loved having some one to care about and take care of him. But I mistook his need for my support as... I don't know. Something it wasn't. Whoops. My bad."
I'm Fine (and by "fine" I mean "faking it")
"Sometimes I wonder just how many people out there might be going through a tough time when we've been conditioned to be "fine" all the time."
Hobo Soup
"Note to Future Self: Today I made hobo soup. It sounds a lot worse than it tastes (which is pretty yummy, if I do say so myself), it's nutritious and cheap as fuck to make. All you need is..."
Wrong Side of the Bed
"The insomnia is starting to have a reverse effect  on my emotional state. Whereas before, I was too tired to feel anything, now I'm going slightly insane."
Dear My Brain, 
"Further to my earlier post, written at the utterly insane hour of 3:30 am, I'd like to give a big shout-out to you..."

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