About Me

Because you're dying to know, I'm sure:

Hello, my name's Kay and here's what you need to know: 
I'm a twenty-something year-old lady living in Canada. I have a job, friends & family and tiny apartment to call my own(ish). My hobbies include reading, whining, food, socializing, movies, writing, stressing out, drinking,  youTube, and pretending I'm a rock star in the shower. That's about all I can comment on as a) people are much too complex to be boxed into an "About Me" blurb and b) the point of a journal is talk about ones self... Who's got time for redundancy? Not me, that's who.
In all seriousness, though, I started this blog as an outlet and a tool help me deal with depression & anxiety and it turned out to be a great help. But I don't want to stop there; the best thing I learned through my struggles was that I was not alone. If even one person going through a similar battle stumbles across this little nugget of documented crazy and feels encouraged, that would make me happy indeed.

Much love,

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